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#146: I'll Be Back

Man, this track was such a surprise to me when I first heard it for so many reasons. It was the closing song on the Beatles’ third album, and given that the first two concluded with “Twist and Shout” and “Money,” I was all set for another intense rocker to wrap up… 149 more words

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Paul & Linda McCartney: Ram

Album: Ram
Artist: Paul & Linda McCartney
Released: 1971
Country: United Kingdom

A little disappointed with Paul McCartney’s solo debut, I wasn’t expecting much from his second album, … 430 more words


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah

When folks of a certain age hear “yeah, yeah, yeah” they immediately think of the rock n roll band that is arguably the greatest of them all. 872 more words



By Hans Ebert
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“We’re not pushing the envelope. We’re licking the envelope.” I said that to a musician friend of mine recently who shan’t be named as he has to work in Hong Kong and do what he has to do to make a living. 1.933 more words

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Love letter to London

Hi you guys! I’ve been laying low for the past several weeks.  During that time I was able to take a trip with my family to London that was beyond my expectations! 852 more words

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402. on the bed

George Harrison (always the most psychedelic Beatle) offers up a nifty slice of so-called world music (before we had the lame marketing term for it). 50 more words

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