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About Bouclair Interior Design Firm and Owner Peter Goldberg

Bouclair Store History

Bouclair was founded in Montreal by the Peter Goldberg‘s family in 1970. In 2003, Peter Goldberg acquired the company after leading the management. 65 more words

Peter Goldberg Bouclair

The 5 bathroom decor ideas that’ll inspire you

Soak in all that inspo!

Raise your hand if your main bath is everything you want it to be… Yeah, thought so.

According to Peter Goldberg… 444 more words

Peter Goldberg Bouclair

How Bouclair become Local to Global

Peter Goldberg (recently CEO at Bouclair) contacted me about fifteen years ago, he wanted to meet me, says the founder of Couche-Tard Alain Bouchard. He was about 32 at the time, if I remember correctly. 250 more words

Peter Goldberg Bouclair

How Peter Goldberg has made Bouclair One Stop Shop for Home Decor?

Buying furniture to make your home a paradise is not an everyday task. Indeed. Therefore, while buying furniture it is necessary to approach a store who provide a quality product in a wide range and at the affordable price. 276 more words

Peter Goldberg Bouclair

Why Visiting Bouclair Store Was My Best Decision

Recently, I bought a new home in Canada and my family really loved it. However, buying a new furniture was not that easy for me. Someone from the professional network told me about Bouclair – A complete shop of furniture and home décor and his founder… 269 more words

Peter Goldberg Bouclair