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Stay Kidney stone-free by debunking myths and misconceptions.

Dr. Allan Jhagroo, a kidney stone specialist at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health .

Don’t Underestimate Your Sweat. 

Saunas, hot yoga and heavy exercise may be good for your health, but they also may lead to kidney stones. 954 more words


Marketing With Facebook: Tips And Tricks That Bring Success

Holding contests is a great way to expand your Facebook fan base, so do your best to take advantage of it. Give discounts or prizes to people who share or actively market your page. 1.619 more words


The Ins And Outs Of Facebook Marketing

If you want learn more about what your fans want, interact with them regularly. Pay attention when folks make postings on your page. You can alter your marketing ideas to match what your customers want. 1.522 more words


They're only words after all.

Respect, admiration and praise.


Just a few things most people want.


While maybe not from the masses it will be desired from either specific peers or people of importance to you. 241 more words

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What is the protest by French taxi drivers, driving instructors and ambulance workers all about?

Taxi drivers caused traffic chaos around Paris on Monday morning as they blocked the peripherique ring road around the French capital as part of a joint protest with driving instructors and ambulance workers. 12 more words



People keep telling me that Madrid is boring, only Loë said it’s amazing. I happened to have a crush on him without knowing he’s probably gay. 467 more words